Boxing Training

Boxing is a very technical combat sport and requires lot of practice. The way for good boxing, as in all activities, is training, that is the only way to do this and it is for both the body and mind.

Boxing practice is one that demands and provides the better physical conditioning you may have. It is one of the more complicated and toughest sports where the objective is to attack and prevent of being attacked (defend).

Boxing is defined as “The Sweet Science”,  because it requires the boxer to master several skills at one time, its an art of punch and not being punched.


The typical boxing training session stimulates all muscle groups, and provides the perfect combination of aerobic (with oxygen) and anaerobic (short-burst, without oxygen) exercise.


Boxers usually wear a very ripped and powerful body and are among the athletes with the highest level of athletic condition.


Boxing starts from a good foundation, to take a good stance and foot work to perfectly perform four basic movements: forward (moving forward), retreating (moving back), side (moving laterally right and left) and pivoting (in a circular motion) in a coordinated manner that is fundamental to all offensive and defensive movement. Making a good fist is also essential to correctly punch and avoid injuries.


Boxing has six fundamental punches:

  1. The Jab: It is thrown with your lead handis the most important punch, it is cosidered the #1 punch, it travels a straight line, is the one that measures the distance between you and your opponent and that sets other punches

  2. The Straight Right: It is thrown with your strong hand, it is the #2 punch, it is considered the Power punch or the strong hand punch and travels a straight line. One variation of this punch is the The right Cross that takes its name from the fact that it crosses over your opponent’s lead hand

  3. The Hook: also known as the #3 punch, travels a curve and is thrown with your left hand

  4. The Uppercut: thrown with your strong hand, is considered the #4 punch, it's a rising punch that come from below the defense

  5. The Lead side Uppercut: thrown with you lead hand, is considered the #5 punch

  6. The Right Hook: is considered the #6 punch, it travels a curve and is thrown with your right hand

These different punch types can be thrown in rapid succession to form combinations or "combos." The most common is the jab and straight right/cross combination, nicknamed the "one-two combo". 

There are other punches that are not among the traditional boxing punches but are often used such as the Overhand right that is a descendent looping circular arc thrown over the shoulder with the rear hand.


It also has three basic defensive moves:

  1. Hand counters: 

  • Catching: deflects the incomming punch catching it with the glove 

  • Parrying: deflect incoming attacks with a small slap of the glove

  • Blocking: uses the shoulder, the elbow or the forearm to block attacks

  2.  Integrative manouvers: that are evasive tactics to avoid being hit

  • Ducking: simply bending your legs and the body drops straight down to allow punches to go over your head

  • Slipping: involves simply twisting your body and leaning over your strong side leg by slightly bending your leg

  • Sliding: is the slipping action towards the other side

  • U-Dip: is a side-to- side movement made in conjuction with the duck in an action that resembles the letter "u"

  • Weaving: when you move around punches so that you weave your body around them. You can weave yourself to the right and left, as well as forward and backward. The weave is the combination of ducking, a sliping/sliding and a u-dip

  • Bobbing: similar to weaving, is the practice of ducking down and up to evade punches

  • Rolling: is a movement (from the knees up) in which your body moves in the same direction of the punch

  3.  Directional manouvers: Side stepping and Taking angles

These defensive maneuvers can combined with the punches to perform a counter.


Boxing Basic Fundamentals

Boxing Training Workout


Boxing is a very demanding and technical sport and requires plenty of practice.

It involves a wide variety of activities:


  • Start with a warmup and finish with stretching exercises

  • Shadowboxing that you can also do in front of a mirror to sharpen technique and practice your punches and movements

  • Jumping Rope can improve footwork, arm strength, endurance and coordination

  • The Heavy Bag build muscle and endurance, your stamina and it’s also a tool for improving skill

  • The Double-End Bag to improve your eye-hand coordination, speed and accuracy

  • The Speed Bag to sharpen technique, increase arm endurance, speed and eye-hand coordination

  • The Maize Ball  (Slipping Bag) to practice defensive movements and punch timing

  • Focus Mitts (also known as Punch Pads) are a useful tool for working combinations and transitioning between offense and defense. The pads are worn on the hands of a workout partner or a coach

  • Sparring with a partner ia a chance to learn, and test your skills woth another boxer doing it in a controlled way   

  • Abs and core exercises to strengthen your core and increase your endurance

  • Running moderate distances along with with sprints  gives you strength, speed, recovery time and explosiveness


There is a mystic for me in what surrounds to boxing: the smell of leather, wrapping your hands, the sound of the jumping rope on the floor, knocking the heavy bag, the hammering of the speed bag beat and walking the ring. Along with the attacking and defensive techniques of boxing it results simply excite me. 


I integrate all this activities starting with a warm-up, 12 to 15 three-minute rounds with 30 second rest between rounds, Cardio, Abs & Core exercises and cooldown exercises at the end.


All this exercises provide a full-body training: legs, back, chest, shoulders, arms and abs. Boxing can provide you more mental and physical strength, training both aerobically and anaerobically, speed, agility, increase reflexes, cardiovascular resistance as well as prepare yourself for your self-defense.

In addition to the physical benefits, Boxing allows you to increase your self confidence and relieve stress. 

Boxing is for everyone, no matter your sex or age, and an absolutely complete physical, varied and fun activity.

Become your main rival and train hard. Stay positive with yourself and with others, stay balanced in your life, in boxing and have fun. Reach balance in everything you do.

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