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"Age Is Just a Number and I'm a Living Proof Of That!"

About Me


Gus White Super Fit Over 60


Fitness for me is not a hobby, it is a passion and a way of life. Whether you are looking to lose weight, improve your appearance or your physical condition, Fitness is the best option you can take for your body, for your mind and your life. Training yourself in its measure, generates endorphin, serotonin and dopamine that allow you to enjoy and perform more in all orders, prolong and improve your quality of life. In this site my main desire is to share with you a passion and how Fitness can positively affect all aspects of your life from the setting of goals and their improvement.


My main success story in Fitness is myself. I went from a body fat level of 25% in 2007 to the 9% with a high volume of muscle that I actually have in 2024. 


Take note of the ingredients to achieve the body you deserve: Time, Effort, Discipline and Dedication. All of them are not magic words and they are inside you.


I am convinced that Fitness is a true Fountain of Youth.

Age Is Just a Number and I’m a Living Proof Of That!

But for this you must inevitably respect the 3 fundamentals of Fitness :


  • Healthy and balanced diet

  • Adequate rest

  • Smart training supported by: Weight Training, Cardio and Flexibility & Mobility Exercises.


If some of these fundamentals are not met, you will not achieve the objective set.


Remember that to reach the goal must first climb step by step.


My Services
Gus White Backyard Gym


It is never too late to get back into shape if you put your mind to it. Honestly there is no excuse not to look and feel your best.

Since 2012 I have formally worked as a Personal Trainer primarily on a one-to-one basis.  I have had the privilege of training a wide variety of people, from kids and teenagers to young adults and the middle-aged, from overweight individuals to advanced martial artists. 

Since 2022 I earned a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Online (CF-OL1) credential.






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"Gus, thanks for motivating me to break the inertia of not exercising last year, I already feel the endorphins and energy to start exercising!"

Eric Alvarez Taylor

january 26th 2024

"Gus, Thanks for everything this year, looking forward to more improvement and growth next year!"

Alex Short

december 21st 2023

""Gus is not just a trainer, he will be your friend. He will go as far as to work out with you himself! He is your partner in crime, and he will make sure you stay healthy, fit, and happy!" 

Nuseir Yassin (@NAS Daily)

september 22nd 2022

"Gus is an extraordinary coach, with many years of experience and knowledge, he takes perfect care of the trainee and adapts the routines to the bodily needs of everyone, is highly motivating and has enviable energy.
I always say: "Look at the body of your coach. That tells you a lot! I need to say more ...
If you want professionalism, dedication, human quality and motivation, here you will have it ... Gus is an expert in bringing out the best in you! "

april 2nd 2020

"Over the past five years Gus has shown total commitment to my training. My body continues to improve and I am now thoroughly hooked! Gus has a deep understanding of the underlying fundamentals, and has constantly evolved our sessions to keep up with all of my strengths and weaknesses. Every week is a challenge, and every week is something new. His winning optimism is always a plus. Be careful, or he'll hook you too!

Erik Abildgaard

june 14th 2023

"Training with Gus is to show that things can be done and  that you can achieve results despite your age. Gus manages to put together workouts that motivates you, energize and change your mood and your body. He's a great guy who manages to do what you just can't do alone to transform yourself. A pleasure to work with Gus!."

Francisco Llamas

august 27th 2020

Success Stories


From my personal experience and acquired wisdom I will forever endeavor to share with others the ways in which they may improve their Fitness and by extension, their whole being.

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Personal Trainer

CrossFit Trainer Level 1 (Online) (CF-OL1)

Mexico City



Cell.: +52 55 1706 9992

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