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My recommendations as Personal Trainer in Mexico City


  1. The best exercise machine to improve your Fitness is your mind and its base is perseverance. 

  2. Fitness is not built by exercise alone! In fact a greater part of optimizing your health and well-being rests on eating a balanced diet, drinking plenty of water, and having adequate rest (7-8 hours), not just to have a summer-ready beach body, but to improve the entirety of your health.

  3. If you are going to begin a Fitness program, it is mandatory that you first take a medical checkup and a stress test in order to measure your health and avoid potential problems in the future.

  4. You must always start your workouts with warm-up/stretch exercises and close your session with stretch/cool-down exercises. These help to reduce the risk of injury, to improve your athletic performance, and to provide more flexibility to your body, as well as helping to counter the stiffening of the body that comes with age.

  5. You can’t achieve the body of your dreams in just a few weeks (that's impossible), but you can improve your appearance and athletic ability gradually, day by day and with a plan. Set your short, medium, and long-term goals and evaluate them over time. Adjust your training program accordingly and you really will look and feel better.

  6. Age Is Just a Number and I’m a Living Proof Of That! The best Training to keep you young, maintain a great body, and keep you absolutely healthy, is one that combines Weight Training, Cardio (HIIT and Low Intensity) and Stretching with good nutrition and rest.

  7. Your training is an integral part of your life, just as work, food, and rest, and you must give it all its due importance.

  8. Train smart and focus more on quality than quantity (whether that be time, intensity, the number of repetitions, or the load).  More is not better.

  9. Muscles have memory and the best way to speed up your metabolism and optimize your effort is by keeping them guessing, changing the types of exercises you do, the order in which you make them, the pace, tempo, the days and the hours that you train. Varying and combining different workout methods makes our body more effective and efficient. It prevents the body's natural tendency to resist further fitness improvement, since muscles quickly adapt to repeated and predictable stress-loads.

  10. Control your weight and measure your body fat level in order to monitor your body evolution and track your development. 

  11. Dress properly when exercising, no matter if it's at home or at the gym, since the idea is that you look and feel better.  

  12. Play the music in your training that motivates you the most -- that makes you move: Enjoy yourself!

Finally a very special comment:

Life is wonderful. If you drink alcohol, do it in moderation, and avoid cigarettes and drugs. The best stimulant is the one inside you -- let it out and enjoy it! 

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