My Story

 I was born and raised in Argentina and since I was a child and teenager the athletic bodies of the movies, comics and wrestling heroes caught my attention. Whenever I drew a man I made him with a V shaped back, magnificent set of biceps, ripped abs and wide shoulders.  Since leaving my teens  Sylvester Stallone s truck and strongly motivated me in his roles of Rocky and Rambo and I began to become fascinated by boxing as a sport:  Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, Sugar Ray Robinson and Tommy Hearns were and still are my idols in this sport.


I've always been very fond of practice of several sports but it was when I was 24 years old that I started training methodically in weight training to develop my body, along  with boxing (I was trained by Sergio Victor Palma, a former argentine Super Bantamweight Champion) and running to improve my athletic ability. From that moment on I was fascinated with Fitness and I took it as a way of life. Stallone, my greatest inspiration and my Fitness icon, is in an impressive physical condition already past his 73 years of age.


Living in Mexico since 2002 and after some time training moderately, in 2006, passed my 40 years old, fell in love with intense training and returned to training heavily with Weights, Boxing and Cardio: running and rowing mainly and Fitness became a healthy obsession. 


In 2012 I met and I was fascinated by a complex discipline, such as the UFC - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). This has had Georges St-Pierre as one of the greatest fighters in history, who has been UFC Welterweight and Middleweight Champion, as one of his best athletes, a true role model and who has been one of my main inspirations for the practice of martial arts and high-intensity conditioning (HIIT) that definitely changed from there my way of training.

In 2018 I met CrossFit, both amateur level and the huge super athletes of the CrossFit Games such as Rich Fronning, Mat Fraser, Josh Bridges, Scott Panchik, Dan Bailey, Ben Smith, Cole Sager, Jacob Heppner, Sara Sigmundsdottir, Annie Torisdottir, Tia-Clair Toomey, Katrin Davidsdottir, Kara Webb Saunders, Sam Briggs and Camile Leblanc-Bazinet among others. I was very excited about the concept and variety of CrossFit, I felt in love with this activity, I began to apply it and now is a fundamental part of my Training. 


My main success story of Fitness is myself.   I went from weighing 73 kg in 2007 to 74 kg that I have in 2020 but my body fat went from 25% to an 8% that I currently have with a high volume of muscle mass. 

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