& Flexibility

In general, any movement that requires moving a body part to the point at which there is an increase in the movement of a joint can be called a stretching exercise.

Flexibility is an important component of overall fitness. Unfortunately, flexibility is generally not one of the main focuses of many fitness programs. It is usually given very little attention or is neglected altogether. Although the benefits of regular exercise are well known, few people realize that flexible joints and regular stretching are also essential for optimal health and activity. For example,  fitness experts urge people who have arthritis to stretch all of the major muscle groups daily, placing a gentle emphasis on joints that have decreased range of motion.

Good flexibility is known to bring positive benefits to the muscles and joints. It aids with injury prevention, helps minimize muscle soreness, and improves efficiency in all physical activities.

Benefits of a Stretching Program

Several chronic training benefits can be gained through a regular stretching program:

• Improved flexibility, stamina (muscular endurance), and muscular strength (the degree of benefit depends on how much stress is put on the muscle

• Reduced muscle soreness

• Improved muscle and joint mobility

• More efficient muscular movements and fluidity of motion

• Greater ability to exert maximum force through a wider range of motion

• Prevention of some lower-back problems

• Improved appearance and self-image

• Improved body alignment and posture

• Better warm-up and cool-down in an exercise session

• Improved maintenance of blood glucose

Stretching, Flexibility & Mobility Exercises

Stretching Anatomy

Here you can identify the Most-stretched and Less-stretches muscles in each exercise

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