Now I train as much or hardest than several years ago, more focused and smartly and therefore after 50 years of youth, I'm in the best shape of my life.


The basis of my training today is CrossFit and I also train frequently on Weight training with my Bodyweight, Weights, High-Impact Interval Training (HIIT), Abs & Core exercises, Mobility and Flexibility Training and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) inspired Training.

My goal is to reach my best shape  and become a more complete CrossFit Athlete.

My passion for Fitness has led me to be constantly studying and experimenting different ways to improve the type of training. 

I strongly believe in muscle confusion and not by chance that is another fact on CrossFit that you apply on a daily basis. In variety you’ll find success: you must renew the workouts that you do, the order in which you make them, the speed of your exercises, the duration and the frequency of rest that you do in your training to cause muscle confusion and improve results.

That personal experience and acquired knowledge is what I have tried and what I want to share with all those who ask for my advice on how to improve fitness and be better with themselves.


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