Weight training at the gym or at home, can be adapted to the characteristics and physical condition of your body. If you are looking forward to burn fat, tone up your muscles or achieve a better and lean muscle definition, weight training can be formidable to radically improve your physique and prolong your life healthy.


A well defined and developed muscular body has always attracted the attention and is a reflection of strength and health.

Strength training is becoming more usual and popular as part of the training regimen in the practice of certain sports.


Weigh training is one of my favorite fitness activities and one I have always given priority.


If you are a woman or man, a teenager, an average adult or an older person there is a workout for you.

¿Did you know that as earlier as our thirties the muscle tissue gradually begin to disappear as a natural part of the aging process? This explains the propensity in the accumulation of fat and loss of muscle tone after that age.


You can choose to train with free weights (barbells and dumbbells), weight machines, a combination of both or Bodyweight Training. 

Weight training builds lean and strong muscle (that you won't get with a cardiovascular workout), strengthens bones, ligaments, tendons and increase your basal metabolism (which allows you a greater fat-burning). In the particular case of women contributes to the delay in osteoporosis and what few women know is that doing weights can also increase fat loss in a spectacular way. For men the weight training let you maintain high levels of tetosterone if you train at least three times a week in sessions from 30 to 60 minutes. 


When you start or intensify weight training you must know your muscles first and how to work them properly. 

A good weight training program must include all the muscle groups without exception.

You can optimize muscle activation with focused mental attention on the muscles your exercising and how each muscle works, that higher activation is linked to better muscle growth.

Breathing is also important and the advice for weight trainees is to consciously "exhale on effort" (when you are lifting weight, the concentric part of the repetition)  and to inhale when lowering the weight (the eccentric part of the repetition).

Strength Training Anatomy

Weight Training Videos

GOING TO HELL Fullbody Compound Dumbbell Workout

Entrenamiento con el Propio Peso Corporal

8 Moves Dumbbell Fullbody Workout

Bodyweight Training

I’m passionate about Bodyweight Training. The great advantage is that you don't need a gym and that you are able to train efficiently in the convenience of their own home.


All you need is your own physical being, you’ll never be without equipment or a facility. In other words, if you learn to use your body as a barbell then you’ll always have the ability to obtain a great workout. You can gain tremendous functional fitness in terms of strength, power, balance, endurance and even flexibility from progressive bodyweight training.


There are also multiple and excellent exercises  to work each and every one of the muscle groups with your bodyweight; your own weight provides the resistance for the movement: chin-ps, pullups, pushups, squats, lunges, planks and dips among others.


In these videos you'll see below I show you some alternatives of exercises that have varying degrees of difficulty and target the various muscle groups.

Bodyweight Training Anatomy

Here you can identify the Muscle groups, the Primary and Secondary muscles that are stressed during an exercise and the level of difficulty of each exercise

Bodyweight Training Videos

Full Bodyweight Strength Workout

Pushup Training

If you are seeking for a specific goal: gain muscles, strengthen your body or burn fat, you must follow a specific program for a certain goal and you cannot combine them. While you'll see results quickly if you persevere, you must maintain a plan for one period not less than 6 weeks to move to a new target.


I currently train fullbody workouts with with my own bodyweight, with free weights (dumbbells and barbells) almost every day of the week.

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